The Fellowship Network

Vaughaligan Walwyn and Fellowship Houston

“I tell people not to do life alone, and definitely don’t do church alone. And The Fellowship Network wants to come alongside you. They’re not takers, they’re givers. They want to know how they can be a resource, how can they help you, how can they pray for you.” Von Won Houston, TX

Derek Miller and Hope City Dallas

“Making a difference in one person’s life can filter down house-to-house, block-to-block.” @Hope City Dallas is an innovative, community-focused church in the Oak Cliff neighborhood of Dallas, TX. Together with his passionate team, Derek Miller pastors his city through neighborhood service opportunities and a message of grace and hope.

Identity, Trust, and Honor

Scott Hoxworth and Jayde Duncan share an intimate and vulnerable discussion about identity, trust, and honor in mentoring relationships. A must-watch for all shepherds of any age.

Revisiting Altars

Jayde Duncan is the senior pastor of Antioch Church in Colorado Springs, CO. He brings a timely word about the importance of examining the important moments in our spiritual walk, and allowing God to rekindle the fires inside of us.

Strike While the Iron is Hot (Scott Hoxworth)

To strike when the iron is hot is to maximize your effectiveness with proper timing. When we labor outside of the timing and flow of the Holy Spirit, we miss out on the opportunities that God is bringing our way.

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