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We are a ministry comprised of Christian leaders, churches, and organizations desiring to do a great work for God. Through our network these individuals and organizations are provided with covering, resources, and relationships that continually empower a Spirit-led life.

We exist to emphasize, encourage, and promote apostolic ministry, to promote unity and fellowship among all the members of the Body of Christ, and to provide ways and means by which these objectives may be obtained. We are a Spirit-empowered community advancing the kingdom of God.

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Learn from experts within The Fellowship on a variety of ministry subjects.​


Search over 2,500 ministries, churches, and organizations around the world.​​


Discover new connections to help you grow in your ministry.​​


Receive 501(c)(3) IRS Tax Covering for your church or organization.​

Steve Holder

President Steve Holder has a sincere love for leaders who are called to serve their communities and the globe through missionary work and church leadership. President Steve is known for his love for his family, bold preaching, his passion for evangelism and the local church, and his love for people. Able to connect and network with leaders of all ages from all different backgrounds, and growing up in The Fellowship, President Steve has such a passion for the members of The Fellowship. Steve loves to travel, and his number one desire is to see church leaders and their local churches and organizations become healthy and succeed.

Steve Holder

Goldsboro, North Carolina

Harry Schmidt

Vice President
Mt Prospect, Illinois

Steve Biffle

Goodyear, Arizona

Phil Vance

Pullman, Washington

Northwest Region

Kevin Hunter

Port Ludlow, Washington

Southwest Region

Joan Sisk

Sacramento, California

North Central Region

Fred Joob

Huntley, Illinois

South Central Region

Joe Bernier

Harker Heights, Texas

North East Region

David Howells

Bridgewater, Pennsylvania

North East Region

Michael Britt

Durham, North Carolina

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