World Missions

Ken Habaum | Eaton, OH


Opportunities for fellowship, networking, coaching and mentoring.


Provide training and educational opportunities that will strengthen Fellowship missionaries, partners and international partners.


Help develop new revenue streams and renewable resources for missionaries, mission organizations, and overseas national.

We resource and support over 100 missionaries in 11 countries around the world.

Since our founding, The Fellowship Network has responded to the call of the Great Commision. We train, equip, and launch missionaries all over the world. And our members’ contributions fund missions work that brings spiritual healing and physical blessing to some of the poorest regions on earth.

Resources to help put missionaries in the field

We offer guidance and financial support to qualified missionaries who want to spread the Gospel around the world.


The Fellowship is home to an abundance of veteran missionaries with experience in every stage of launching a thriving work overseas.


We provide a network of partners who have experience working internationally and a track record of successful ministry.

Tax Covering

Our team can guide you through the process of legally organizing your U.S.-based organization to help fund your overseas mission.

Request Seed Funding

The Fellowship is not a sponsoring nor funding organization. We are able to send “seed” money from time to time based on availability. Eligible current members of The Fellowship Network are welcome to apply at any time. Funds are normally disbursed in the Spring and Fall months.

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