Prison Fellowship International Partnership

The Fellowship and Prison Fellowship International Partnership have partnered to provide ministry to “the least of these” – the children of incarcerated individuals in developing nations.

Who Are They?

  • There are 14 million children of prisoners in the world
  • About 1 million of them live in extremely poor countries
  • These children are invisible as they are neglected and marginalized by society
  • They are 5-10 times more likely to be forced into sex trafficking, child labor, or to commit a crime and go to prison
  • Since they are scattered all over the country, no other organizations care for them in a systematic way to break the cycle

Meeting the special needs of these children

  • Safety: Children are in approved, safe care-giving environment and adequately sheltered
  • Health: Children are experiencing satisfactory health and appropriate growth for their age
  • Education: Children are progressing through primary and secondary school and achieving a basic education
  • Resiliency: Child are experiencing positive relationships with God, selves, family and peers

Our goal is to increase the mission investment of The Fellowship from $75,000 to $500,000 by 2020 — a 566% growth.

The Churches and Ministries of The Fellowship Network directly support our work with the children of prisoners around the world. If 10% of the Fellowship Church congregations participate in this program, we can help 10,000 children.


4,000 children

202 local church partners

50 child workers / 305 volunteers

By the year 2020:

10,000 children

400 local church partners

100 child workers / 880 volunteers

“Our church has had it’s heart break open for these children. We held a sponsorship Sunday in January. We were amazed when 59 of our congregants sponsored a child of a prisoner. I knew I needed to see what these children were living through every day, but I couldn’t imagine what we would experience when we traveled to Colombia. The love and care and the presence of God in the staff, the call on their lives – I was blown away. The trials of these families and children is beyond comprehension. I have not come home the same as when I left, this mission is truly after God’s own heart.”

Marsha Hoxworth

FaithPoint Church | Killeen, TX

“Few things spark compassion in the heart of a Christian more than the plight of needy children. My husband and I so appreciate the mission of Prison Fellowship International, feeling it is so in line with the mandate of Christ to care for the hungry, the orphaned, and those in prison. When we presented this ministry opportunity to our church they responded wonderfully to the call, sponsoring 69 children from 5 different countries. I can see many other congregations finding great purpose joining in this worthy cause, to bring the light and love of Jesus Christ to the forgotten and neglected of this world.”

Kari Vance

Living Faith Fellowship | Pullman, WA