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United Kingdom

The Fellowship Network has deep roots in the United Kingdom with around 100 members and affiliated ministries going back several decades. 

The purpose of the Full Gospel Fellowship is to emphasize, encourage and promote apostolic ministry, to promote unity and fellowship among all the members of the Body of Christ and to provide ways and means by which these objectives may be obtained. This body is and always shall remain only and solely a medium through which Full Gospel Fellowship churches may work harmoniously in co-operation with each other promoting the work and objectives set forth in the Fellowship Constitution. It is not to any degree and never shall have any ecclesiastical or hierarchal authority over its members. It shall not have and never shall attempt to excercise a single attribute of power or authority over any church, or over the messengers of the churches in such way as to limit the sovereignty of the churches, but shall recognize the sovereignty of the churches under one Sovereign, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Seiw Ping Crane

Chichester, West Sussex, UK

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