The year of the overcoming church

Around the county, we are seeing schools re-opening, colleges welcoming back students, businesses emerging, and communities arising from a long, difficult summer. As restrictions loosen, churches start to gather again and people’s hearts begin to stir. God is doing something in our nation!

It’s been a difficult journey in 2020. And we are not out of the woods yet. Unrest is still present in many cities, economic uncertainty is a reality for many businesses, and the health crisis still looms large for many communities. Through it all, God has remained faithful. And His church has not been silent throughout the pandemic. Despite the difficulties of the pandemic, we have still seen many signs of new life and growth.

Our friends at Faith Point Church in Killeen, TX will be opening a brand-new facility in just a few weeks. Pastors Scott & Marsha Hoxworth and their team have faithfully ministered to their city all through the quarantine despite lacking a building to call home. Let’s celebrate with them as they usher in a new era of spiritual and natural growth for their church family!

Our friend Randy Estelle has seen God do miracle after miracle in the journey of Exalt Church’s new building in Brandenton, FL. God has opened up doors that were previously closed and paved the way for their thriving church and school to reach the next level in outreach and effectiveness.

During the height of the COVID-19 shutdowns, our very own Bethel Church in Goldsboro, NC has launched a new campus in Wilson, NC with new faces and new families in attendance each week. People are so hungry for the word of the Lord!

We have seen adversity turn into innovation as our churches and ministries rose to find new ways of blessing their communities. We have seen small churches transform themselves into city-wide food pantries, large churches transform into neighborhood Bible studies, and regional ministries turn into international equipping centers. This truly is a new era for God’s hands extended on the earth!

I invite you to share with us the victories you have experienced during the past several months. We want to celebrate together the mighty work God is doing on the earth today. Please write to me and share your encouraging news!

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