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We resource hundreds of nonprofit organizations with the resources, tools, and tax covering they need to fulfill their God-given mission.

Over 700 non-profit organizations call The Fellowship Network home

We offer an umbrella tax exemption to qualifying non-profits doing work all over the world. From missionaries to poverty relief organizations, Bible translators to traveling evangelists, The Fellowship Network is here to equip Christ-centered organizations with the tools they need to fufill the Great Commision.

How we resource non-profit organizations:


Equipping men and women with the necessary tools for their work and ministry.


Gathering together to exchange knowledge and to cultivate relationships that advance the Kingdom of God.


Relationships that provide shepherding, learning, and spiritual growth for Christian ministers.

Tax Covering

Our team can guide you through the process of forming your nonprofit entity and obtaining tax-free covering with the IRS under The Fellowship Network.

Quickly start up your non-profit organization

Do you have a God-given ministry project that you are eager to get off the ground? Let us help you! Our team will help guide you through the incorporation process and obtain the tax-exempt status you need to fulfill your mission. We can help shoulder the load through your startup phase so that you can focus on the work you are most passionate about. Obtaining and maintaining tax-exempt status can be time-consuming and costly. Our understanding of the complexities involved in making non-profits thrive will allow you to handle problems before they arise. We’ve helped establish hundreds of non-profit organizations over the decades, and are excited to help launch YOU into all that God has for you in the ministry.Do you have a God-given ministry project that you are eager to get off the ground? Let us help you!

Expand your network of collaborators to grow your mission

It’s not just what you know, but who you know that makes a difference. The Fellowship puts you in touch with a worldwide network of ministers who have walked in your shoes and are eager to see you be a success. Meeting someone who knows the right door to open and can introduce you to the people behind it can make all the difference in the world to a young organization. We have been making those kinds of connections for decades. It’s why we’re growing and how we can jump-start your search for strategic partnerships that expand your reach and illuminate new pathways. The Fellowship Network began as a group of independent ministers sharing resources and collaborating with each other as the Holy Spirit directed. Over the years, the breadth and width of practical ministry experience gained has created a living-library of actionable resources and a depth of relationships that strengthen the entire Body of Christ by what “every joint supplies.” We remain committed to pooling resources and co-laboring with like-hearted independent ministers to expand the Kingdom of God.

Be a part of a network of independent world-changers

The Fellowship is full of people just like you who want to change the world. We are an expanding network of creative ministers with an entrepreneurial spirit who are pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the Kingdom of God. The Gospel has the same disruptive liberating impact today as it did in the Book of Acts. Regardless of culture, language, or geography, the same core life questions in humanity are still only answered in one place: Jesus Christ. And organizations like yours have the potential to usher the Gospel into places that have never seen the light of Christ. Join with a network that has that same pioneering spirit and see your ministry take flight. We have a stable launch pad with incredibly solid foundations, state-of-the-art workshops, and multi-generational ground crews that equip you to grow. There’s never been a time like this in human history. Let’s get started today!

Let’s get started!

All memberships are from January 1st to December 31st of the current calendar year.

You are going to need:

Your name, email, phone number, and mailing address are needed to start the application.

The name of your organization, the name and contact information of your lead pastor, and approximate membership and attendance figures.

A copy of your board-approved constitution and IRS-supplied EIN information. Our team is available to help you gather these documents if you need assistance.
  • Membership dues in The Fellowship Network are $300 per year for organizations.
  • All membership are valid from January to December of the current year.
  • Membership renewal fees are due by October 31st of each year.
  • $25 late fee after October 31st.
  • $50 late fee after January 1st.

Start Your Application Process:


You will receive an email with a link to sign into our website. From there, you will begin the application process online.

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Use the email address you used to sign up for The Fellowship Network. You will be automatically sent a link to sign into the website—no password necessary.​