Turning Point for our Nation

The Presidential Inauguration is always a momentous day for our nation. Regardless of our political affiliation, our mandate from scripture is to pray for our leaders and serve our flocks with integrity and grace.

I believe that until Jesus returns, our assignment is to watch and pray and be about the Father’s business. Here is my encouragement for this trying time of political upheaval:

1 – Pray for the peace and prosperity of our country
There is so much uncertainty in the air – politically, economically, and spiritually. Pray that our nation will remain at peace, that freedom will continue in our homes, businesses, and churches, and that all ministers of the Gospel will persevere in carrying out the great commission during challenging times.

2 – Pray for justice to be done
We serve a God who cares for the downtrodden. Pray that His justice will be served and that victims of unrighteousness will be made whole (Psalm 82:3, Isaiah 1:17).

3 – Pray for the incoming president and vice president and government leaders
Scripture commands us to honor and pray for those God has set in authority over us (Romans 13:1, 1 Timothy 2:1-2). Remember the new first family and their team in your prayers. Pray that they have encounters with the Holy Spirit and that the presence of God will permeate their meetings and affect decisions in the White House.

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