Sometimes it can be difficult for us to be thankful, even when life is going well. This can be counter-intuitive for some of us. After all, when things go well, we deep down know that we have so much to be grateful for. But the very nature of human beings – even if we are Christian – can be to overlook the expanse of God’s good gifts to us every day. We tend to drift into taking life for granted. Soon, worry, stress, and anxiety if left unchecked, take precedence over an attitude of thanks.
Let me suggest that today, we take the time to sit still and exercise the gift of noticing. Notice what you see, who you are, what you have, who is with you, and who Jesus is. Notice the color, beauty, and variety around you. Notice the birds that sing, the sun that rises and sets. Notice the laughter of children, the love of family, the grace of friends. Keep noticing, and make a list of the gifts you notice. Then, give thanks to God, the great giver!

I give thanks for you and thank you for taking the time to notice this message of Thanksgiving.

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