The more life we live, the more thankful we should find ourselves to Jesus for all that he has done in our lives. He is worthy of our thanksgiving! As we gather around our tables with friends and family in honor of Thanksgiving Day, let us join our hearts and minds in an attitude of gratitude to Jesus and celebrate how He has brought us from the darkness into glorious light.

He threw himself at Jesus feet and THANKED HIM and he was a Samaritan. Jesus asked, “Were there not 10 cleansed? Where are the nine? Has no one returned to give praise except this foreigner? –Luke 17:16-18 NIV

We all can identify with the lepers in need of spiritual deliverance from sin. We cry out to merciful Jesus. Even from a distance, He hears us and heals us through redemption, the cross, and resurrection. By His grace, we are saved through faith.

Where is our gratitude? Are we going to give thanks for all He has done for us? Every day, we should throw ourselves at the feet of Jesus and THANK HIM! May we look around us, recognize all that we have to be thankful for, and take the time to throw ourselves at His feet and just say, “THANK YOU, JESUS.”

As in the song lyrics by Charity Gayle, “Thank you Jesus for the blood applied, Thank you Jesus, it has washed me white, Thank you Jesus, you have saved my life, Brought me from the darkness into glorious light.”

May we be mindful this Thanksgiving holiday and every day for that matter to throw ourselves at His feet and say, “Thank you Jesus, you have brought me from the darkness into glorious light.”

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