Support for Ukraine

The situation in Ukraine continues to be dire. The Russian army continues their assault on Kyiv, and many brave souls choose to remain and fight. Thousands more are attempting to flee the country to safety.

Fortunately, there are Christian ministries working on the ground to provide physical and spiritual support.

Fellowship Network member (and European board member) Ignat Ivanov and his organization Mission Possible (MP) are currently working to transport families away from the fighting and towards safer areas of Europe. MP has an immediate financial need to support its efforts and buy much-needed fuel and supplies.

I call on our entire Fellowship to pray for our brothers and sisters in Eastern Europe. If you are able, please financially support the urgent work of Mission Possible in Ukraine.

“The Mission Possible Team in Odesa, Ukraine is helping transport refugees (women, children, and the elderly) to the Moldovan border crossing, where we have a convoy of 6 vehicles waiting. Lines for trains and buses are long, fuel is proving challenging to find, and this help is critical.
Mission Possible’s commitment to being a locally-led ministry means that our workers in Ukraine are prepared to continue serving their communities. Supplies are short, and the needs are changing quickly. We are also providing bedding, food, and spiritual and emotional support. Churches in Moldova and other border countries are offering temporary accommodation and further assistance to refugees on their journey to safety. The opposing forces are less than 60 miles from Odesa, and it is feared that the city will soon be under attack.”​ -Ignat Ivanov

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