Spending time with the Lord is an intentional act that keeps us in the flow of CONFIDENCE!

Confidence in your abilities and the goodness of God comes easy sometimes. It’s tempting to think that past accomplishments and God-given talents can help you rise to the occasion or problem-solve your way through just about anything. Then if things go off the rails, you can always pray, hear God’s voice and do what needs to be done.

That would make a beautiful movie, but we live in a fallen world and are not glorified yet.. We don’t just need re-issued confidence from yesterday’s victories; we need fresh-brewed confidence for the extraordinary circumstances we’ve yet to encounter today. Job lived in ancient times, but some of his stories could become part of your story, and you might not be given 42 chapters to figure things out. We can all stand in the robust river of confidence that flows from the Lord daily. He invites us there and sincerely enjoys the time we spend with Him.

We can all remember how positive it was the last time we set aside the cares of the day to hear what God was saying. The confidence we received wasn’t just an emotional high. It was a tangible certainty that God was working in us and with us. It was created while we spent time together and could be reconstituted as the day advanced.

Spending time with the Lord can happen individually, in small gatherings or larger assemblies. This week, I am looking forward to hearing from God during the Southeast Regional Conference in Durham, NC. The conference starts Tuesday night at 7:00pm, and runs through Wednesday evening. I hope to see many of you there!

I also invite you to reply to this email and send us your stories of how spending time with the Lord kept you in His flow of confidence. Let’s encourage each other as a Fellowship to spend time in His presence, and see His Kingdom come “on earth as in Heaven.”

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