Robin Rees, 1941-2020

Robin was well-loved by so many people across the world. His work as pastor and a missionary spanned his lifetime. As a young boy he was a chorister and eventually head choir boy in Cardiff where most of his youth had been spent. He belonged to the Boys’ Brigade and in his teens he attended the City Temple Elim Church in Cardiff. He was called to follow the path to become a minister and attended Elim Bible College in London for his training to prepare him for a life in the Ministry. On completion, he married the lovely Elsa Davina who he had met whilst attending the City Temple. Their 60th Wedding Anniversary was imminent but, sadly, not reached.

Their life in the church started in Swadlincote, then Mansfield, Llanelli and later in Watford. During his service in each of his parishes he touched many lives. At Watford the church to which he was assigned was small with a minimal congregation. However, during his time in Watford, due to his hard work and encouragement, not only did he achieve a significant increase in congregation but also oversaw the transfer to a larger building to house his ministry. He and Elsa physically worked alongside his parishioners to furnish the church with comfortable seats from a disused theatre and a public address system. The youth movement which he nurtured benefitted from his imaginative, creative and caring ability to encourage their every need. He was equally attentive to all the members of his church. It was in Watford that he and Elsa completed their family of three children; their son Tarquin Jonathan and two daughters, Rebecca Myriam and Anna Davina.

When his work in Watford came to a conclusion he moved on to the church in Hove and from there went on to broaden his ministry, working in the media, as well as becoming involved in The Fellowship Network, World Missions Department. He spent his time between Iceland and America and his new home in Wales. His pastoral care was second to none. His immediate and constant attention to those in need of advice and sympathy was done quietly, without any fuss. He touched so many lives. The messages of thanks from the many who passed through his caring hands is testament to the level of help he gave to whoever crossed his path. He will be sadly missed by everyone who knew him; and most of all by his family and extended family – his wife, his three children, his five grand-children and his five great-grandchildren.

Absent from the body – present with the Lord.

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