Rescue Five Kids by Christmas

Who in your congregation has a special passion for reaching the least of these—the poor, the orphan, the outcast, the fatherless? More than 14 million children around the world are living in poverty, in danger of slavery, sex trafficking, malnutrition, and social stigmatization because one or more parent is in prison. They need someone to pull them out of despair — will your church family surround them with the care they need?

We are inviting every church within the Fellowship to share the Children of Prisoners program with their congregation and sponsor five or more children this year. For $35 a month, a little more than $1 a day, a child’s life trajectory could be eternally changed. This could be through five individuals, five families, five Sunday school groups, or a combination.

By Christmas, 500 children could be rescued, but we need individuals who are compelled to join us in this incredible opportunity. Sponsor a child of a prisoner today and join The Fellowship Network members around the country who are already making this incredible Kingdom impact.

Engaging is easy. Simply email Marsha Hoxworth at with how many kids you wish to support according to the Lord’s leading. Marsha will then pair the children who have been waiting to be connected to a loving family and send their information to you within a week.

“Of the 15 children in need of sponsorship, we had 15 families who are sponsored a child, so all of the kids are accounted for! I was very happy with that result, especially considering we are a church plant only a few years old. One was a family who wanted the sponsorship to go through the church, so they gave us the total [sponsorship] amount to send in. A percentage of over 20% of the total congregation (congregation size including the kids) stepped up since we had just under 70 people there. Thanks for your help!”

Randy Estelle
South East Vice President

By caring for a child of a prisoner, we—as the Body of Christ—can give these precious little ones hope for a brighter future and show them that they are loved, not forgotten.

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