From the very beginning, the Fellowship has supported Israel and its people. Today is no exception. Our faith in Jesus is rooted in a belief that God keeps His promises and that His blessing and favor are passed from generation to generation.

The ministers of The Fellowship Network stand with Israel and against the ghastly attacks by Hamas and its supporters. We affirm Israel’s right to exist as a state and for its natural defense against aggression. We also recognize that God is in control and that His blessing transcends political borders, armies, and treaties.

We pray for the victims of this conflict across the region and hope for a speedy end to the violence.

We pray for Godly leaders to make godly decisions during these intense times. We pray that kings, presidents, and prime ministers will hear from heaven and align their decision-making with the priorities of God almighty.

We pray for the innocent victims of the violence and that God would bring comfort during these horrible times. We pray that godly individuals would rise up to provide relief and resources to aid the hurting.

In the coming weeks, we will be passing on information about how you can get involved with providing support and relief during the conflict. In the meantime, our prayers for the peace of Jerusalem are always in partnership with the heart of God.

Steve Holder

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