At the beginning of 2024, God gave me the theme of “Living in the Overflow” because of His limitless supply.

Resurrection OVERFLOW!

In the Amplified Bible, it says, “And this, so that I may know Him [experientially, becoming more thoroughly acquainted with Him, understanding the remarkable wonders of His Person more completely] and [in that same way experience] the power of His resurrection [which overflows and is active in believers], and [that I may share] the fellowship of His sufferings, by being continually conformed [inwardly into His likeness even] to His death [dying as He did];” –Philippians 3:10

The Apostle Paul expresses his heart’s desire to know Jesus and the power of His resurrection, which OVERFLOWS and is active in believers. This can’t be emphasized enough for us as believers to know Jesus and His resurrection power more and more. This power is active and overflowing in us today. The resurrection power and experience of Jesus flow infinitely, crossing borders and boundaries and penetrating the hearts of people from all nations around the world. The same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead convicts us and quickens us. Wow! What an OVERFLOW that is limitless in its influence and simultaneously is a continuous source of life-giving power.

I know that there is so much more in this passage to discover. But Paul begins it by knowing Jesus and the power of His resurrection, which means everything flows from the resurrection. Without the resurrection of Jesus, the suffering and death of Jesus on the cross would only be a historical reference, and our knowledge of Him would be limited to intellect. But because resurrection power is overflowing, we can have a spiritual encounter with a resurrection Jesus who is alive and seated at the right hand of God and who lives to make intercession for us.
Thank God the power of His resurrection is still flowing today, raising people to life from the deadness of our trespasses and sins.
Today on Resurrection Sunday (and every day for that matter) we are living in the OVERFLOW of the resurrection power of JESUS.

He’s Alive!!!

Happy Resurrection Sunday

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