Let Yvonne’s story inspire your congregation to action



Yvonne is looked after by her sister because both her parents are in prison and not due for release for another 17 years. But sponsorship changed her life. Read her words:

I have never imagined that someone besides my parent would love me this much. I use to hear about sponsors, I would hear that so and so has a sponsor and I had no idea what it meant. On the weekend I would see a bunch of children going somewhere I didn’t know but they talked about sponsors. When I joined CPP I was way younger and excited that I was going to study without being chased out, I knew I would get school materials because I saw that happen with other children I knew. Little did I know about love and care; I don’t know about other but my sponsor is so special to me, she sends me gifts often and cares for me. My life has changed. Other children in the neighborhood and at school ask me about my life because they can see how happy I am and how I look good. I tell them that somebody they don’t know loves me. CPP is family to me I love them and I love my family so much pray and love my sponsor so much.”

Who in your congregation has a special passion for reaching the least of these—the poor, the orphan, the outcast, the fatherless? More than 14 million children around the world are living in poverty, in danger of slavery, sex trafficking, malnutrition, and social stigmatization because one or more parent is in prison.

We are inviting every church within the Fellowship to share the Children of Prisoners program with their congregation and sponsor five or more children this year. For $35 a month, a little more than $1 a day, a child’s life trajectory could be eternally changed. This could be through five individuals, five families, five Sunday school groups, or a combination!

Taking Action is easy.

Simply email me at with how many kids you wish to support according to the Lord’s leading. I will then pair the children who have been waiting to be connected to a loving family and send their information to you within a week.

Pastor Marsha Hoxworth
Minister Unto the Least of These
The Fellowship Network


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