How to respond to COVID-19

It’s been a fascinating couple of months as our entire world has been gripped by reports of a deadly virus spreading across the globe. There are reports of quarantined cruise ships, canceled conferences, and travel disruption all across the U.S.
To those who have been medically affected by the spread of this new disease: we are praying for your quick recovery and healing in the name of Jesus!

For those of us who have heard rumors of disaster and panic: I want to share some words of peace and encouragement.

First of all, it’s important for us to remember that God is not surprised by the spread of the coronavirus. His sovereignty was not disrupted in the past by influenza, the common cold, or bubonic plague. Likewise, God’s rule and reign are not going to be interrupted by any health issue or human pandemic.

Second, I feel it is important for us as believers to be leading the way in providing an atmosphere of peace and security in stressful times. Because we serve the God who rules over all the earth, we don’t have to buy into the panic that comes from a worldview that is missing the power of God. We know that the battle is already won; we know that God has provided victory against ALL the works of the enemy: both natural and spiritual. Our mandate as Spirit-empowered believers is to bring the peace that passes all understanding into our uncertain world.

Finally, I encourage everyone to be part of the solution during this current public health crisis. Wash your hands, avoid crowds when you are sick, and provide natural and spiritual support to those who are affected negatively. Pray for the sick (use wisdom when physically laying on hands), offer encouragement for those afflicted, and support your neighbors as Christ commanded us to do.

Together, we will arrive on the other side of this chapter the way the Bible says we will: with God on the throne, protecting and caring for His children, just like He always has.

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