Every Monday is an outreach

The force for evangelism sits in our sanctuaries Sunday morning and heads off to work Monday morning. Pastor, there is an opportunity here – your people can either just head off to work or they can be sent off to work.

Every Monday is an outreach. This Monday morning sending has more potential to impact your community for Christ than any other outreach you could schedule. More than an Easter sunrise service, more than summer camp, more than the harvest festivals in October or the living nativities in December. More than the food banks, and even more than street outreach and door to door. And I’m in favor of them all.

Each of your members need to be equipped for their Monday morning assignment. An assignment that includes representing the Kingdom in their work through excellence, faithfulness, character and so forth, but that also includes Gospel witness in word and deed. Let’s talk about the latter.

Most Christians don’t know how to share their faith. Teach them to start with baby steps and trust the Holy Spirit to move. One way to train people is an approach I call sowing Jesus. Just sow a seed, and be patient for the Holy Spirit to bring the increase. How do you sow Jesus into any interaction or conversation?

Ask the Lord to give you an open door.
Listen in the conversation for someone to share something important to them, some point of pain, frustration, joy, memory, etc.
When you see that the conversation has turned in this meaningful direction. Sow Jesus: in the form of a scripture, a prayer, or a testimony (or a combo).

Your co-worker Molly tells you about her fight with her teenage daughter Sue, so listen to the Holy Spirit and offer to pray for Sue. Better yet, ask Molly if you can pray with her about Sue right there.

Your vendor John tells you what his Dad always said, and it reminds you of a scripture. You say, “that reminds me of a verse I was just reading…”

Bill the IT guy is discouraged because he is struggling financially after his divorce. This reminds you of how God brought you through a difficult season, or provided for a need. You share your testimony, encourage him and offer to pray for a breakthrough.

Equipping your people with this simple approach can have a huge impact. I’m praying for you that the Lord will help you with your Monday morning outreach.

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