Today is a pivotal day for our country. Millions of people have voted over the past several weeks and millions more will vote in the next few hours. Tonight, we will all be glued to our seats watching the results come in with a combination of excitement and trepidation for the future.

However, do you know who isn’t worried about the election results tonight?

Our Father God in Heaven.

He reigns above it all. Because He made it all. And the leaders we elect this evening are set in place under the rule and reign of our God who reigns forever.

“Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God.”
Romans 13:1

You see, God isn’t worried about the election because He already knows the score. And because of our place of authority as Christians, so do we.

“Tell the nations plainly that Yahweh rules over all! He is doing a great job, and nothing will disrupt Him, for He treats everyone fair and square.”
Psalm 96:10 The Passion

Tomorrow, a significant portion of our nation will be rejoicing at the election results while the other half is in mourning. Let’s rise above it and declare that JESUS rules over ALL! He is still on His throne and nothing will disrupt Him! We have only one King and His name is JESUS!

Today, PRAY for our leaders. Pray that they will be subject to the authority and values of the heavenly kingdom that set them in place.

Today, PRAY for the electorate. That every individual would feel the prompting of the Holy Spirit and vote according to heaven’s priorities.

Today, PRAY for peace in our nation. That reconciliation would begin and divisions would fade. That riots would be dispersed and violence would be curbed. And that the hearts of the people would turn back to God and that we would love our neighbor as ourselves.

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