Easter: a Message of Hope When Jesus emerged from the tomb, sin and death bowed to Lord of eternal life. That’s the message of HOPE that inspires us never to give up. Whatever tomb may hold us captive, from unhealthy relationships to economic disadvantage, from divisiveness to prejudice, “the present moment” is not the same as “the final word.”

New beginnings often spring out of painful endings. Who has not seen a person lose a job, only in time to discover a career? Or lose a relationship, only in time to discover a true and lasting romance? Or lose an exaggerated ego, only to discover an authentic life?

The cross of Jesus is a painful reality. But just around the corner from the shadows of the cross is the breaking dawn of an Easter resurrection and new beginning of hope in Jesus for all eternity!

On behalf of The Fellowship Network, I pray that you experience a most blessed Resurrection Sunday as we celebrate the cornerstone of our faith. The message of HOPE still echoes the voice of the angel, “Why seek ye the living among the dead? He is not here, He is risen from the dead”!

Have a glorious Easter,

Steve D. Holder President,
The Fellowship Network

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