Do you believe that God is still healing?

As President of The Fellowship, I am blessed to hear praise reports from all over the world about the good things God is doing. Recently, I got word from our dear friend Carrol Westbrook in Durham, NC, about a breakthrough in physical healing for her previously-paralyzed son Neal.
Here is what Carrol shared:

Bible Study and he was standing with his arms outreached to hug me. He was so happy. Every night during the conference, Neal was entering into the worship and the Word. Each night he told me, “I want to walk.” I said, “go for it.” He would try to leave his cane, but he would say, “I can’t.” Neal shared with me that Elictia Hart on the last night of the conference told us to “keep walking.” That stayed in his spirit from the time we got home!

At this time, Neal walks as often as possible without assistance. His balance is not complete…YET! Keep him in your prayers for complete healing.

PRAISE JESUS for His divine power and love as He touches Neal and brings him towards wholeness!

I am just beside myself that the faith moment that sparked this miracle came out of our amazing Advance gathering earlier this year. It goes to show that there is a special anointing for meetings like these – when the saints assemble, God shows up and reveals his love and power in ways that we often miss otherwise.

Speaking of the power of spiritual gatherings, we are just two weeks away from our “Friends in Ministry” conference in Texas and three weeks away from our “Rise” conference in Georgia. I challenge everyone in the South Central or South East regions to make an effort to attend these fantastic gatherings. Your next breakthrough might be as a result of the fellowship and connections you make at one of these events. We’ll see you there!

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