Sponsorship Sunday

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Sponsorship Sunday

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Devote one Sunday at your church this year to rescue the children of prisoners


Show powerful testimonies about our rescue mission

Customize your sermon about caring for "The Least of These"


Invite your congregation to join in the mission

We are challenging every church in our Fellowship to dedicate one Sunday this year to The Children of Prisoners Project. If we all do our part, our network will see hundreds of children rescued this year.

How to hold a Sponsorship Sunday

Request your Sponsorship Sunday resource kit

“If you will tell (your church) why it is important, they will sponsor the kids. It will grow them, it will grow you, and it will grow your church!”

Josh Richards

Cornerstone Community Church | Springtown, TX

“Few things spark compassion in the heart of a Christian more than the plight of needy children. My husband and I so appreciate the mission of Prison Fellowship International, feeling it is so in line with the mandate of Christ to care for the hungry, the orphaned, and those in prison. When we presented this ministry opportunity to our church they responded wonderfully to the call, sponsoring 69 children from 5 different countries. I can see many other congregations finding great purpose joining in this worthy cause, to bring the light and love of Jesus Christ to the forgotten and neglected of this world.”

Kari Vance

Living Faith Fellowship | Pullman, WA

“This is an incredible work far beyond my imagination. What you do every day is almost indescribable. I have a whole different respect for what (The Children of Prisoners Project) does on a daily basis.”

Debbie Sewell

Family Cathedral of Praise | Mesquite, TX

“Colombia birthed a compassion for children I had never considered before. I’m forever changed and committed to the cause for The Children of Prisoners Program. I’ll never forget visiting a little girl’s home who had been in the program for about a year. Her mom was telling us how TCPP changed their life. She told us proudly that God loves her and her three girls so much that He sent Jesus to die for her and now He is with her and she feels safe and loved. It’s easy to be overwhelmed by such great needs but her testimony showed me that even meeting small needs shows them the love of Christ and can completely change their situation. During Jesus’ ministry, He met their greatest need for a savior and it was his love that changed their situation. TCPP is sharing the gospel in a practical way and bringing hope for those who desperately need to be reminded that He has a plan and a purpose for their lives. I was captivated by the social workers’ hearts for the kids. You can tell they truly care and are moved to do something about the situations these children are in. You don’t go to some of those areas, where kids with the greatest needs are, unless you love like Christ.

On a personal note, the day after my return, I decided to embark on prison ministry. I knew my family would be concerned so I tried to break the news while we were all at Olive Garden celebrating my return. A man walked up to our table and felt the Lord wanted us to know, “It is well”. Then he said a word to me specifically, “The harvest is plentiful and the workers are few”. I was taken back by the Lord’s confirmation and my family was, too! In June, I will go to a ministry training for the women’s prison just 15 minutes from my house. I didn’t even know it existed. While I can only sponsor a child from another country, I hope to be the hands and feet of Jesus at the prison near my home. I never thought I’d be excited to go do prison ministry; it’s just not something that’s ever been a passion of mine. But after seeing those children and meeting their fathers I am compelled by love.”

Karen Richards

Cornerstone Community Church