Better Together (Vaughn Walwyn)

    Vaughn Walwyn believes in the power of the local church to change communities. As a church planter and pastor, Von Won bring a fresh encouragement about the change we can see when we advance the Gospel…together!

The Battle for our Thoughts (Beverly Weeks)

    Beverly Weeks is an accomplished speaker, author, and counselor with a wealth of wisdom on healthy relationships and ministry. At our Ladies Luncheon, she encourages us to avoid the trap of comparison and to speak words of life over our lives and each other.

Six Dont’s of the Holy Spirit (Lee Grady)

    We have been entrusted with the most valuable thing God can give: the indwelling of His Holy Spirit. Lee Grady teaching on six pitfalls to avoid as we move out in Spirit-empowered ministry.  

Who will carry your mantle? (Lee Grady)

    Lee Grady exhorts us to think in generational terms, to find the Pauls, Barnabasess, and Timothys that will carry what we carry and take it to the next level.

A Word About Life (Scott Hinkle)

Scott Hinkle is a man on a mission: to share the Gospel of Jesus with as many people as he can over the course of his life. Scott shares his purpose, mission, and assignment, as well as five ways that God works in our lives.