Jonathan & Carolyn Engstrom and Healthy Pastor Transitions

When Jon & Judy Engstrom knew it was time to hand off their church to the next generation, they reached out for mentoring at The Fellowship Network. Today, Christ the Rock Fellowship in Lynnwood, Washington is thriving because their entire team embraced a multigenerational handoff to empower the next generation.

Derek Miller and Hope City Dallas

“Making a difference in one person’s life can filter down house-to-house, block-to-block.” @Hope City Dallas is an innovative, community-focused church in the Oak Cliff neighborhood of Dallas, TX. Together with his passionate team, Derek Miller pastors his city through neighborhood service opportunities and a message of grace and hope.

Vaughaligan Walwyn and Fellowship Houston

“I tell people not to do life alone, and definitely don’t do church alone. And The Fellowship Network wants to come alongside you. They’re not takers, they’re givers. They want to know how they can be a resource, how can they help you, how can they pray for you.” Von Won Houston, TX

Anthony Trask and Fellowship Church

“Several years ago, (our) family went through a crisis. As pastors who were hurting, we reached out to people we knew in The Fellowship. It gave us great hope that God was going to get us out of the place that we were at and into a much better place.” Anthony & Susan Trask. Salem, […]

Josh Lewis and The Remnant Radio podcast

The Remnant Radio is taking the Internet by storm with its vast range of interviews, timely discussions, and hard-hitting theology. Producer and host Josh Lewis joined The Fellowship Network to help establish his ministry on a strong legal foundation, allowing the show to quickly raise support and expand its reach.