Anthony Trask and Fellowship Church

“Several years ago, (our) family went through a crisis. As pastors who were hurting, we reached out to people we knew in The Fellowship. It gave us great hope that God was going to get us out of the place that we were at and into a much better place.” Anthony & Susan Trask. Salem, […]

Beto Meza and New Life Church DFW

“As a non-denominational church, The Fellowship Network gives me something I can lean on. I don’t have to be a Lone Ranger out there trying to do things on my own. I am backed up by an organization that requires order and a relationship. We are proud to say that The Fellowship Network is our […]

Vaughaligan Walwyn and Fellowship Houston

“I tell people not to do life alone, and definitely don’t do church alone. And The Fellowship Network wants to come along side you. They’re not takers, they’re givers. They want to know how they can be resource, how can they help you, how can they pray for you.” Von Won Houston, TX