Pray for His Glory on the Earth

Today is the National Day of Prayer, a day to humble ourselves before God and acknowledge our need for His power and influence in our world. Praying amidst a pandemic is more relevant than ever! Our eyes and ears and hearts should be open to seeing the glory of God covering the earth. Here are […]

Road to Hope

The experiences of Jesus during Good Friday looked like anything but good to the natural eye. Rather than a path of victory, it had all the marks of despair. Betrayal, pain, humiliation, and grief washed over Him on His journey to the cross. What began with so much hope of defeating Rome and reestablishing the […]

How to respond to COVID-19

It’s been a fascinating couple of months as our entire world has been gripped by reports of a deadly virus spreading across the globe.

God on the Earth!

To me, Christmas is all about God sovereignly orchestrating events to serve His purpose.

The Gift of Noticing

Sometimes it can be difficult for us to be thankful, even when life is going well.

A call to pray for Venezuela

I believe that we wrestle not with flesh and blood but with principalities and powers. When we do spiritual warfare, we are partnering with the powers of Heaven.

Announcing GCU Partnership

If you pastor a church, you understand the pressure of continuing your education while occupying the pulpit