Ten Lepers were healed by the word of Jesus; but only one had a truly transformative encounter. What made the difference? The healed leper returned to give Jesus thanks—from the depths of his soul, he thanked Jesus for intervening in his life. And for that? He was made whole. The definition of the word “whole” in the Greek is saved, delivered. 10 were met and blessed; one was truly saved and delivered because he was so grateful to Jesus for healing him. Is it possible we sometimes stop short of the fullness of the delivering power Jesus wants us to experience—even though He has met our immediate need—because we don’t take time in our busy lives to simply say THANK YOU?

At the NW Region of the Fellowship Network—we are thankful to Jesus and to you. Thankful for His grace, His power, His cleansing blood, His moving on and in our lives, and for the Holy Spirit. And we are thankful for YOU, our members. You’re a pastor, leader, team member—and your life and ministry matters. Thank you for all that you do in service for Jesus, our Lord and Master. We pray you and your family enjoy an incredible Thanksgiving—and enjoy His power and presence in being made whole.

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