It was in 1948 that The Voice of Healing was formed by Gordon Lindsay and Jack Moore, and later T. L. Osborn, Jack Coe, Richard Vineyard, F. F. Bosworth, Kenneth Hagin, Gayle Jackson, Raymond T. Richie, W. V. Grant, Louise Nankeville and others. So powerful was this healing revival that soon approximately 100 evangelists formed a fellowship electing Gordon as president.

It was when pastors, missionaries, evangelists, teachers and churches – some who had left their denominations to become Full Gospel – urged for a linkage with those of like-precious-faith, that the need for a fellowship was spawned. it became very evident that all these leaders needed to plan and work together to become a strong force to reap the whitened harvest.

So Gordon called a meeting for a two-day conference, held September 18 & 19, 1962 at the Baker Hotel in Dallas for interested ministers. Plans were laid and the Full Gospel Fellowship of Churches & Ministers International was born. Temporary officers were elected to serve until the great National Convention in latter part of June of 1963. John Mears President, J.C. Hibbard Vice-President, Gordon Lindsay Secretary-Treasurer, W. A. Raiford Executive Secretary. June 28, 1963, A. C. Valdez was elected president. On June 16, 1964, the second FGFCMT convention was held in Plankinton Hotel, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

The years since, God has continued to use this Full Gospel Fellowship of Churches & Ministers International organization to bless ministers and ministries all over the world. Strong leadership has been raised up, and accountability, so essential to stability in every life, has been offered. Now a minister looking for those of like-precious- faith can find it in The Fellowship-no longer thinking that “I am the only one still serving God.”

For over forty years our Fellowship has followed the vision of Gordon Lindsay and the men who established this great Fellowship. We celebrated that fortieth anniversary in our International Convention in 2002. Truly the vision was inspired by God and has kept us focused and inspired for these many years. Prov. 29:18 The New American Bible without prophecy the people become demoralized…” This vision has provided the parameters for who we are, and what we do, past, present and future. The Constitution by which we are governed spells out the vision very clearly.

The Lord has honored the faith and commitment of both the leaders and the members, and has truly brought us this far by faith. We are poised for our greatest days of growth and ministry. With our beautiful headquarters building, and outstanding office staff, the needs of our membership are better facilitated than ever before. Our National and International Regions are led by anointed men and women. Our Executive and International Boards work harmoniously together to provide cohesive leadership. Best of all the blessing of the Lord rests upon us in a precious way.

We are very grateful for the lives and ministries of those who have gone before us. They, as David, served their generation by the will of God. They kept the vision alive for all of us. May God help all of us to serve our generation by the will of God, and keep the vision alive and vital for those who will follow us, or until Jesus comes.